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Your contributions and support make the following programs possible:

  • Discovery Health Curriculum for 4 Shelby County Public Schools:
    • East Middle School
    • West Middle School
    • Shelby County High School
    • Martha Layne Collins High School
  • Support for parenting classes
  • Supplies for the Tobacco Assistance Program (TAP) in schools
  • Training opportunities for youth and adults
  • Red Ribbon Week materials
  • Information and helpful resource materials
  • Support for Alternative Activities during the Prom and Graduation seasons
  • Support for ongoing Early Intervention program at both middle and high schools


Shelby Prevention Youth Council

  • Reel Action KY Video Contest winners
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Community Advocacy
  • School Presentations
  • Underage Drinking Video Public Service Announcements

Both high schools have a Shelby Prevention Club that meets every Club Day.